Tooth Replacement Options You Should Know

Having all your teeth in good shape is one thing that helps ensure you wear that beautiful smile. You should take proper care of your teeth to stay free from various oral conditions. There are so many practices you can try out to maintain good oral health. Brushing is one of the most popular procedures. You should do this twice a day or after every meal. Loss of teeth is something you might experience.

This might happen when you fail to observe the right oral care procedures. It can also come about as a result of accidents. Not having all your teeth denies you the chance to smile and also harms your confidence. You should take fast measures to ensure your condition is restored. Visiting a dentist is the best option. There are various procedures your dentist can try out to replace the lost teeth. Here are some of the best tooth replacement options you can try.

Dental Implants

complete dentureThis type of replacement option is specifically designed to replace your natural tooth. It is usually inserted to your jaws or bone to support the crown or denture used to replace your lost teeth. The good thing about dental implants is that they are a durable solution to missing teeth. It is also more natural and very comfortable compared to other replacement options.

Dental Bridge

It is another type of restoration used to fix one or several missing teeth. Your dentist can use adjacent teeth that are healthy to replace your lost tooth using this procedure. Dental bridges feel and function more like your regular teeth. It is a less risky procedure because the bridge can be removed after a while if it doesn’t serve you as you wish.

Partial Denture

This is designed to replace one or several missing teeth on the same jaw that are not usually adjacent to each other. Dentures have metal clasps that can be attached to your normal teeth. Partial dentures are less expensive compared to other tooth replacement options. It is a very fast option that does not involve invasive methods.


This is a temporary option you should usedentist to replace your lost tooth. It helps fill gaps to enable you to smile once again. This option is less expensive and lighter on your teeth. You are not exposed to any risks when you use this tooth replacement option. It also fits perfectly once your natural tooth is removed.…