Who We Are

Hi! My name is Evan, and I am a health enthusiast. At the beginning, which was around four years ago, I was an overweight male who was struggling to breathe. Every time I moved, I sweat excessively and got my heart to beat abnormally. I couldn’t even finish a 100-meter run without pausing.

However, I finally decided that I had to change. I gathered around all the information about weight loss that I could get. I checked their sources and the testimonies from real people on the Internet. And during that time, I told myself, “Wouldn’t it be more beneficial for others if I published what I knew on a blog?”

Nevertheless, my enthusiasm for health did not stop at weight loss only. I began to interview practicing doctors to review my articles. I learned to read research journals so that my works are as credible as they can get. And I also collaborate with other writers who share the same interest as I do. And that is the origin story of this blog.

If you want to get in touch with me, feel free to contact me through the available address on the contact page. I’d be glad to hear from you!