Key Applications of Bicycle Ergometer Test

person on ergometer bike

Bicycle ergometer is an equipment that is slowly gaining popularity in both the medical and scientific fields. It is a precision electronic bicycle trainer that measures your body’s workload efficiency and monitors the respiratory and psychological effects. Sports science labs, testing centers use it to study human locomotion biomechanics and fitness. Here are some of the uses of the ergometersykkel test.

Sports Training

Most people make use of ergometer bikes as tools for training to plan programs. Athletes ride the bike while it is connected to the monitoring equipment. This measures the lactate threshold, oxygen economy, maximal lactate steady state, and consumption of oxygen at the lactate threshold. Such assessments are used for planning training programs and also to mark evaluations in the future.

Testing Functional Movement

Patients suffering from neurological impairments use these bikes for testing functional movement tasks like limb position sense. Patients who use bicycle ergometers to help identify if their feet hit the specified target location testify that it is very reliable.

Controlled Measurement

One way to regulate physical rehabilitation is by observing the gradual changes in patients. Patients can increase their physical workload slowly at a controlled pace by using the bicycle ergometer as a measurement control unit. Wearable measurements unit for these bikes is effective in rehabilitation and health promotion according to research.

Fitness Evaluation

Athletes also use these bikes to evaluate their fitness level. The person testing rides the bicycle when it is connected to the monitoring equipment. The equipment measures metabolic changes, pulse, heart rate, and respiratory effects during the exercise. This kind of testing is useful in evaluating the level of fitness of the general population as well. Studies show that bicycle ergometers help track the fitness level of type 2 diabetes patients.

Bicycle ergometer is increasingly becoming a popular trainer for exercise as well as medical purposes. These are some of the uses of these bicycles, and you can consider having to help you achieve your fitness and exercise goals.